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Life of a Hatch Chile – Stages & Uses

It all starts in the rich soil of the valley of Hatch, New Mexico, where the life of a Hatch Chile is born. After harvest in late July and August each year, the Hatch chile takes on a new life cycle, transitioning through stages in which spicy food enthusiasts can incorporate this wondrous pepper into […]

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Hatch is Back in our Bakery

If you haven’t visited our store in the last week or so, you might not realize that we are smack dab in the middle of one our favorite seasons of the entire year, Hatch Chile season! To celebrate our favorite little pepper, our Bakery is proud to serve you with our famous Hatch Chile Cornbread, […]

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Cheese of the Month – Hatch Pepper Cheddar

Hatch Chile season is just 3 days away! Each year, we celebrate this wondrous, delicious pepper through a live roast, delicious recipes, and pure excitement from our team members and customers alike. To add to the celebration, our Cheese Shoppes are proud to offer Henning’s Hatch Pepper Cheddar as our cheese of the month for […]

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Not Your Typical English Scone – Hatch Chile Scones

There is a debate on the origin of scones. Some say it came from Holland, and others say Scotland. We know for certain that the Hatch Chile Pepper Jack Scone came from our own kitchen at Lazy Acres Market. We are furiously mixing and baking to keep up with the demand of this hot, spicy, […]

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Hatch Chiles in our Meat Department!

Once they’re gone, they’re gone! With the end of Hatch Chile Season quickly approaching, Lazy Acres’ homemade Hatch Chile recipes are only available for a limited time! Right now, Lazy Acres stores are loaded with in-house recipes and meals that will add some spice to your table. This season, you can find items such as […]

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New! Hatch Chile Chocolate Pound Cake

To kick off Hatch Chile season, our Bakery department is rolling out a delicious new recipe for Hatch Chile Chocolate Pound Cake! Starting August 12, take dessert to the next level with this sweet and spicy number, which is here for a limited time. Hatch Chiles are an amazing source of Vitamin A, B, and […]

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Hatch Chile Fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes

What can be better than a fresh, hand crafted Dungeness crab cake? How about a fresh Dungeness crab cake made with roasted New Mexico Hatch Chiles? Yes, we added these awesome chiles to our crab cakes to add a wonderful smoky and spicy kick. Don’t get me wrong, our new fresh Dungeness crab cakes are […]

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Hatch Pepper Cheddar!

Lazy Acres’ Cheese Departments will be featuring Henning’s Hatch Pepper Cheddar during our Hatch Chile promotion. Hatch Pepper Cheddar is made in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy land, near Kiel Wisconsin by Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese company. Henning’s was started in 1914 by Otto and Norma Henning who devoted their lives to producing quality cheese. Henning’s […]

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