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Say Cheese! Pasture Pride Natural Valley Goat Cheese

Lazy Acres is celebrating the world of cheese through February 10 during our “Say Cheese!” promotion in-store where we highlight many wonderful cheeses produced both locally and imported, and made from a variety of milk. One of our current favorites is Pasture Pride’s Natural Valley Goat Cheese.   Made in the scenic Kickapoo Valley, Natural […]

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Game-Time Snacks – Charcuterie & Cheese

Sunday is the Big Game and if you haven’t planned what snacks you will be serving to guests, a quick and simple Charcuterie & Cheese platter will please any crowd. Including some charcuterie or cured meats to your cheese platter or hors d’oeuvre plate adds texture and enhances the food experience. We are featuring some […]

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More Veggies Please!!!!

“More Veggies Please!” When was the last time you heard that coming from your kids? Veggie Fries® are a made up of a blend of vegetables, beans, and potatoes and your kids won’t even realize it! We we can almost guarantee you’ll hear them ask for more quite often. The makers of Veggie Fries have […]

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Tulips all year long

Did you know Lazy Acres carries Tulips all year long? Most believe that tulips are a seasonal product, but our growers at Sun Valley take special pride in growing beautiful tulips for Lazy Acres all year-round. Sun Valley Tulips are grown just as Mother Nature intended – in SOIL, after going through a nice, cold […]

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Exceptional Trout from Clear Springs

Imagine pure, drinkable spring water gushing out of the side of a canyon wall at a constant temperature of 58 degrees, even during the hot summer days. Above this “underground reservoir” is a surface covered with lava rock that serves as a natural water filter as the winter’s snow melts and sifts through it. After […]

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Exploring and Celebrating the World of Cheese!

Queso, Fromage, Kase, Tyri, Ost, Kaas – no matter which language you use, we are all talking cheese! Cheese is produced in every continent of the world, and made from a variety of milk, such as milk from cows, sheep, goat and even donkeys. You can travel across the globe and experience every region’s interpretation […]

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Cook like your life depends on it!

Cook like your life depends on it! Cooking like your life depends on it is Joshua Rosenthal’s, Founder and Director of the Institute on Integrative Nutrition, main advice to people. As he puts it “the food we eat take into our mouth goes into our stomach, where it gets digested and eventually assimilated into the […]

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Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods

Paul Bertolli, renowned chef, began Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods in 2006 based out of Berkley, CA. His grandfather was a salumiere and his love of salumi was ignited at a young age while savoring prosciutto and soppressata salami from his grandfather’s cellars. This was only the beginning to a great start of healthy deli meats. […]

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Taste of Summer – Chilean Blueberries

When it’s winter here on the West Coast, it’s summer in Chile! This is exactly why Chilean Blueberries are at their peak in ripeness bearing sweet berries that are perfect for snacking on their own or incorporated into many recipes. Blueberries are proof that great things come in small packages! Did you know blueberries are […]

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Justin’s Nut Butters & Peanut Butter Cups

Justin’s produces the most divine nut butters and peanut butter cups on the planet. Every small, individual batch of each one of their eight delicious nut butter flavors is made using a proprietary grinding process to ensure optimum flavor and best consistency. The nut butters are sold in single-serve squeeze packs, jars, and blended into […]

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