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The Honest Company Launches at Lazy Acres

We’re proud to introduce The Honest Company to Lazy Acres! Based in Los Angeles, this family goods and lifestyle brand is a natural fit…in every sense of the word!  You can trust that their non-toxic baby, bath and body, and household cleaning products are effective, and stylish too.  You’ll love to leave these out on the counter […]

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Buying in Bulk

At first, the bulk department can be somewhat overwhelming with all of the assorted bins and huge selection of items, not to mention all of the item numbers, writing utensils, bags, and containers. The “help yourself” method may be a little uncomfortable for some, understandably so. Intimidated at first, my curiosity eventually took over – […]

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High Brew Coffee

HIGH BREW COFFEE was born from the adventure of a lifetime. Two boot-strapping entrepreneurs, David and Elizabeth Smith, sold a company they spent 13 years building. Soon after, they embarked on the trip of a lifetime aboard a catamaran, sailing throughout the Caribbean to fulfill a life-long dream. They took their children out of school […]

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Cozy up with Stews!

Well, today’s lookin’ like fall is finally here! Let’s hear it for warm sweaters, scarves, and boots! Naturally, as the temperatures cool, our kitchens begin to heat up with warm, comforting foods. Hearty soups and stews will surely be on the menu this fall, and guaranteed delicious using the freshest locally grown produce and quality […]

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Lotus Lucky Bamboo

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Lotus Lucky Bamboo – a one of a kind bamboo found only at Lazy Acres Market!   Lotus Bamboo’s symbolization of good fortune makes it popular in times of celebration like the Chinese New Year, birthdays, and new business ventures. With its unique characteristics, the Lotus […]

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Whole Grains or No Grains

In case you haven’t noticed, there are two popular diet trends regarding grain consumption happening simultaneously right now. One advises that refined grains should be avoided concluding that carbohydrates found in them lead to weight gain as well other sensitivities. The other advises that whole grains are good for us and “have been a central […]

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Sugar Pie Pumpkins

October is here and, along with it, the pumpkin season! Naturally, it’s time to talk about pumpkin pies but the recent 100 degree days makes it very difficult to even think about turning on the oven. Nonetheless, let’s talk pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. So, go ahead and grab a can opener and crack open […]

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Pickling for the Holidays

The first recorded pickled vegetable was a native cucumber in India 4,000 years ago. Pickling originated as a way to preserve in-season foods for out of season use and for long journeys and transport, which at that time was by land and seas. Shortly after the advent of pickling for preservation was the pickling for […]

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Brie, brie, brie!

From the beginning of its history, Brie cheese has its origins in the French province called Brie – a town 60 miles away from Paris. Legend has it that the first bite was savored by the Emperor Charlemagne of France, who immediately fell in love with it. He was so enamored for the cheese that […]

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Paski Sir Cheese

Let us introduce you to Paski Sir Cheese, a sheep milk cheese from the Croatian island of Pag. It is regarded as the most famous of Croatian artisan cheeses. Paski Sir looks like an aged Parmesan with a thick, honey-colored rind and flecks of protein crystals, but the smell and taste are a bit nuttier […]

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