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Fresh Handmade Halibut Cakes

Guess what we are making in our seafood department! We are handcrafting fresh Halibut cakes! Halibut just might be the most versatile fish there is to cook. Our trained professionals mix just the right amount of fresh Halibut with the perfect blend of bread crumbs and seasoning to create these scrumptious cakes. We have included […]

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Casatica di Bufala – Cheese of the Month

When two brothers, Alfio and Bruno Gritti, took over their father’s farms in the foothills of the Italian Alps located in Northern Italy, they were focused on milking cows. Ten years ago, they decided to introduce water buffalo to the farm. Buffalo milk is twice as creamy as cow’s milk. A couple years later, they […]

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A Fuji Apple a Day…

It’s Fall and although the weather may not be indicating so, our produce shelves are brimming with seasonal crisp and sweet apples and pears. This week, we are featuring Organic Fuji Apples on sale for $1.99 lb, through October 7. Since the weather looks to be giving us a break from the high temperatures this […]

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Cultivate Your Sleep

Sleep is vital to maintaining good health and well-being throughout our lives. It is during this time that our bodies regenerate & restore the wears of daily living and to store and sort all the mental data that was inputted during the day. However, if the quality of your sleep is poor, your physical, mental, […]

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Gluten Free with Glutino

To embrace a gluten free life is to embrace a bountiful life; a life filled with possibility and opportunity; a life unhampered by “can’t” and “don’t” and “won’t”; a life where our bodies and hearts and minds are balanced and in tune. For many of us, living gluten free means living agony-free.  For others, living […]

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Eating Raw

Eating raw… well, your oven will get a rest for sure! No cooking involved; your primary foods will be raw fruits, vegetables, and grains. The argument for the benefits of eating raw is that heating food destroys the important nutrients and natural enzymes. Enzymes boost digestion and fight chronic disease, making them an important part […]

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Fast Relief for Muscle Pain & Stiffness

Arnica Montana is possibly the best known homeopathic, and for good reason! It has been proven effective for relieving pain, swelling, and stiffness caused by physical trauma and overexertion. It sure works wonders for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but you don’t have to be one to find plenty of everyday uses for this amazing product. […]

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Ladybugs – Natural Pest Control

Most people are familiar with the Ladybug. These red-backed, polka-dotted bugs are gentle in nature, non-threatening, and liked by everyone from kids to adults. It’s even said that you gain good luck if a ladybug lands on you! While these insects are fun to see on occasion, did you know they can also be a […]

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Pizza Romana!

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know chowing down on lots of pizza is a must! There is just something about the way Italians make pizza; the thin perfectly baked dough, light sauce, and perfect proportion of fresh ingredients…it’s divine to enjoy, especially with the backdrop of cities such as Rome, or Naples. While […]

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An Apple a Day…

As we are steadily moving into Fall, we can certainly proclaim that it is officially apple season! Cider, anyone? With so many varieties to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a crisp, sweet, satisfying and healthy treat of an apple. To celebrate the season, here are a few fun facts about apples to amuse […]

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