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Health Benefits of Chile Peppers

Whether you reach for a jalapeno, pasilla, or our beloved Hatch Chile, all varieties of Chile peppers add zip to just about any dish and have added health benefits to boot. Chile peppers are the spice of life, literally. The life extending property of peppers is a substance called Capsaicin. Capsaicin gives peppers their characteristic […]

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Grilling Marinades from Frontera®

If weather is any indication, we’re definitely in amidst of grilling season and we here, at Lazy Acres, have a current favorite marinade line that we’d love for you to try. The Grilling Marinades from Frontera® turn ordinary steak, chicken, pork tenderloin, and seafood into extraordinary grilled Mexican entrees. Made from fresh fire-roasted vegetables, citrus […]

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Cool Down with Coolhaus Ice Creams

Consistently named as one of the best Ice Cream shops in the U.S, Coolhaus has taken the same recipes and ingredients and created delicious products ready for you to enjoy at home. Coolhaus is always all-natural, hormone-free, and uses only premium ingredients to create the best tasting ice cream and flavor combinations. When you taste […]

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Organic = More Antioxidants and Less Pesticides

In a recent study that took a meta-analysis of earlier studies on organic foods and their conventionally grown counterparts, it was found that organic foods/crops are significantly higher in antioxidants and lower in pesticide residue, specifically the toxic metal Cadmium. Just what are the differences? The study found the concentrations of a range of antioxidants […]

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Self-Care: Dry Skin Brushing

Most of us are really good about taking care of our face; from scrubs to serums, and moisturizers, we (even men) have our own big or small facial rituals. After all, who doesn’t want to have their best face forward? But for being the body’s largest organ, the skin on the rest of our bodies […]

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Majestic Garlic Sprouted Hummus and Garlic Paste

Lazy Acres is proud to introduce Majestic Garlic Sprouted Hummus and Paste. Made locally, these items are 100% organic, Non GMO, Raw, Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.   Garlic Pastes are smooth in texture and can be used to enhance any dish and enrich the meal with all the many benefits of raw garlic. Available […]

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We’re Roasting! It’s time for Hatch Chiles!

We just got back from a very exciting, hot trip to Hatch, New Mexico to check in on the much anticipated crops that will soon be making their journey to our stores. If you’ve never been to the town of Hatch, New Mexico, it is not donned by much population year-round, but when the Hatch […]

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Lori’s Original Lemonade

What started out as a self-made lemonade stand for her kids, Lori’s Original Lemonades are now bottled and on the shelf at Lazy Acres for consumers all around to enjoy. The journey to reach this point has been a fun one, as Lori describes: “It was the kind of day that is already hot early […]

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Find Your Favorite Natural Sodas at Lazy Acres

If you have a hankering for a thirst quenching, fizzy soda but usually shy away questioning “just what ingredients are in these drinks?”, we don’t blame you! Thinking of all the artificial flavors, colors, and other additives leaves us a little squeamish too. That’s why we have committed to bringing you the best all natural […]

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How to Choose the Best Watermelon

In some ways, a watermelon is a lot like a wrapped present – you’re pretty sure you’re going to like what’s inside, but you’re never really sure what it is until you open it. Since we are not able to peel back the wrapping of a watermelon in the store to see what’s inside, you’ll […]

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